"United we Thrive"

GC Sports by Gabriella Caradonna is an inclusive activewear brand that embraces body positivity and aims to support eating disorders by promoting a life full of movement.
Her founder, Gabriella Caradonna established GC Sports in 2020 after completely changing her lifestyle; she truly believes in the power of putting yourself first and understanding the importance of taking care of your mind and body. After recovering from an eating disorder, she wants to create a brand that states for being more than a piece of clothes, it is a piece that can be your companion on becoming the best version of yourself.
All of our styles use the best performance, sweat-wicking, compression, antimicrobial fabrics, and are marathon-tested -and squad proof-. Today we offer garments in sizes XS to XXL designed specifically for the needs of all of those who are looking to change her lifestyle.
"We know that fitness isn’t a size, it’s a lifestyle, and we’re here for you, every step of the way."

Giving Back

Gabriella created GC Sports as a way to empower woman who are improving her lifestyle, and support all of those who are going through eating disorders. Her goal is to bring awareness to underserved causes to truly help make a difference for women in need; physically and physiologically.
For each sale of a set, $1 of the sale goes directly to NEDA - National Eating Disorders Association-